Winter Bass-O-Thon
   2016-2017 Rules & Entry Form

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Winter Bass-O-Thon 
90% Payback
   Guaranteeing $1500 To First Place In Every Tournament!!! 

$250 Big Bass Out Of The Money At Every Tournament

2016-2017 Schedule All Times 7:00am-3:00pm

October 29 Bull Shoals Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock

Novermber 26 Norfork Lake Panther Bay Public Use Area

December 17 Bull Shoals Lead Hill Public Use Area

January 28 Norfork Lake Panther Bay


February 11 Bull Shoals Bull Shoals Lake Boat Dock

$100 Entry Fee
$10 Big Bass

  Entry Form

Tournament Date______________

BOATER (Required Information)                                                                                PARTNER (Required Information)
Name ______________________________________                                           Name_______________________________________

Address ____________________________________                                            Address_____________________________________

City_______________________________________                                              City __________________________State__________

Tel #_________________ Cell__________________                                             Tel# ____________________Cell_________________

Email Address_____________________________                                                Email Address________________________________

SS#_______________________________________                                             SS#_________________________________________

Boat Year/Model____________________________                                               Boat Year/Model_____________________________

Motor_____________________________________                                               Motor ______________________________________

Trolling Motor__________ Electronics_____________                                           Trolling Motor _____________Electronics__________

Batteries____________ Tow Vehicle_______________                                         Batteries _______________Tow Vehicle___________

Boater Signature_______________________________                                         Partner Signature______________________________ 

Non-refundable $20 deposit will reserve your take-off number

Deposits are non-refundable and balances must be paid in full by registration

MAIL TO: Winter Bass-O-Thon • 680 Trotter Road • Protem, MO 65733

We have read and understand the rules and enclose the completed application and our entry fee payable to Winter Bass-O-Thon. In signing this application, we hereby waive and release all other contestants, sponsors and tournament officials from all claims for injury and/or damages incurred in connection with this tournament. Receipt date of entry determines starting position. Cash, check or money order must accompany this form to qualify for tournament entry. We further agree to submit to a Quality Assurance test if required by Tournament Director (Rule 15). Knowledge of these rules is your responsibility.

​1. Rules: The following rules for the tournament will be used. These rules will be interpreted by the Advisory Staff appointed by the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR.‑All decisions are final.
2. Eligibility: All teams consisting of two persons that have paid the appropriate fees.‑ All contestants must be at least nine (9) years of age with both parents written consent releasing Winter Bass-O-Thon from all claims for injuries resulting from the tournament.‑ Advisory Staff or Tournament Director has the right to refuse Entry to any Team. Partners will fish together in all tournaments and one alternate can be used or you may fish one tournament alone. In an emergency may fish the championship alone.
3. Entry Fees: $100.00 per boat will be taken at the ramp until tournament time. Big Bass will be an additional $10.00. A $50.00 service charge on all returned checks.
4. Departures: Departure will be in sequence in which entries are received.
5. Boats and Motors: Any boat 15 feet or longer, if powered by a motor of 25 horsepower or more, with a kill switch and aerated live well, will be accepted.‑ All Arkansas/Missouri Water Patrol Laws and Regulations shall apply.‑ Boats MAY NOT BE TRAILERED OR SWITCHED DURING TOURNAMENT HOURS, except when approved by the Tournament Director.‑ No cumbersome Craft!
6. Safety and Sportsmanship:‑ Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from each contestant.‑ Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principals may be deemed cause for disqualification.‑ Life vest must be worn any time the boat is on plane, with kill switches attached.  
7. Permitted Fishing Location: Anywhere on the tournament lake EXCEPT, within 1) 50 yards of another tournament contestant’s boat‑ at anchor, 2) 50 feet of a commercial gas pump and their docks and within the weigh-in cove, or any place posted by local or state officials.
8. Scoring: Largemouth, Kentucky, Spotted, or Smallmouth Bass will be counted.‑ Points will be awarded as follows: 150 first, 149 Second, 148 Third‑ Any bass presented for weigh-in under legal length for that lake will result in one (1) pound penalty and loss of that fish.‑ Iced fish, fish brought to scales in a bag without water, or fish on a STRINGER will be cause for immediate disqualification.‑ Dead fish will have a .5 pound penalty for each dead fish.‑ Five (5) bass limit per boat.‑ Contestants must be in sight of their partners during Tournament hours.‑ All fish presented for weigh-in become the property of Winter Bass-O-Thon. No more than six (6) bass in live well during tournament hours.
9. Ties: All ties will be broken by the most fish, then by the earliest entry date.
10. Late Check In: A one (1) pound penalty per minute, up to ten (10) minutes, after that DISQUALIFICATION.‑ NO EXCEPTION. Exact starting & check-in time will be announced before tournament.
11. Protest: Any contestant wishing to protest the score or conduct a fellow contestant must do so in writing within ten (10) minutes of the conclusion of the weigh in.‑All written protest will go to the Advisory Staff and Tournament Director.‑ All decisions by the Staff will be final.
12. Boat Inspection: All boats must idle by the Tournament Inspection, in sequence with live-well lids open prior to take-off.
13. Type of Tackle: Only artificial lures may be used. No “live bait” will be permitted; however, pork or pork type strips, rinds, etc., may be used.‑ Only casting, spinning or spin-casting reels and rods may be used.‑ Only one (1) rod may be used at any one time by each person.‑ Other rigged rods may be in the boat for substituting purposes; however, only one “rig” is permitted in use at any one time. No Trolling. Trolling is defines as using the boat to move a bait. This is not bait specific Rule applies to all baits.
14. Tournament Cancellations: If the tournament is cancelled due to reasons of safety, the entry fees will be refunded or transferred. Tournament will be rescheduled.
15. Quality Assurance Test: Each contestant agrees to submit by signature on the tournament entry form and/or participation in a tournament, to a polygraph or voice stress analysis examination and to abide by its conclusion. Failure to pass an examination will result in disqualification.
16. Insurance: Boating Liability Insurance is required of all competitors.
17. Championship: Qualification Method TBD